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Doctor Las Vegas

Operating with the latest in bio medical research we offer cutting edge technology for all medical services.

Healthcare Solutions

Internal medicine,annual physicals,drug addiction treatment,family planning are just some of the services we offer.

Trusted Healthcare

We stand by our patients in offering exceptional health care to patients and their family’s. Partnering with providers to offer an extensive array of services.


Can I come to the clinic for all my health needs?
I have to get my immigration exam. Are you certified to perform the exam?
Do you accept walk in patients?
Is full payment expected at the time of my visit?

 Why Us?

Great Infrastructure

Empowered by superior experienced staff, our clinic understands your needs by utilizing modern technology.

Trusted Healthcare

Renowned healthcare trusted by our local community; Our bilingual staff is here to assist.

Cutting Edge Technology

Partida Corona Medical Center has taken steps forward to being an eco-friendly clinic reducing its foot print on the planet. Examples; Printing paper,Electronic check-in,Patient portal,prescription direct to pharmacy.

 Vein Treatment Available

Treatment is more comfortable & convenient w/ results better than ever.

Todays Tip from Dr. Corona

Doctor Las Vegas
How to live a healthy lifestyle?

Living a healthy life is within reach, start today by following a long term commitment and not a temporary solution. Follow the steps below to pave a way to healthy living.

  • Avoid stress and over eating .
  • Eat Healthy, Partake in a stress reliving hobby such as  gardening.
  • Some relationships can kill you. Avoid them at the most.
  • Focus on the good things that you like and avoid alcohol & drugs
  • Eat Healthy,exercise regularly and get 8 hours of sleep daily.


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