By: Renee Grandieri

As the season’s change the temperature in Las Vegas drops, the pollen in the air changes as well. We must remember that Allergens are foreign substance in our body. We breathe in cascade of pollen, dust, mold and animal dander. The symptoms are a response to the release of histamines. Knowing this it is usual for antihistamines to be ordered.

We at Partida Corona Medical Center are always interested in Prevention. We work with Partell Compounding Pharmacy, to first test our clients for 72 different environmental allergens. The test takes 30 minutes and is done in our office. Based on the findings your provider can order personalized specific antigens to help build up your response to Allergens. Let me explain how this works with an example.

Jane is a 32 year old female who has come into the office with repeated sinus infection. The provider ordered allergy testing. The results of the allergy test revealed an allergy to olive trees and Bermuda grass. When Jane received the results, she was devastated, the olive tree has been in her back yard since childhood and she did not want to chop it down. No problem!! The provider teamed up with Partell Compounding Pharmacy and conjured up a specific antigen to build her immunity to Olive trees and Bermuda grass. Each morning Jane puts 3 drops under her tongue. She has been using the drops for a year now and has been symptom free. After 3 years she probably will not need the drops.

If you suffer from running nose, sneezing, itchy watery eyes, sore throat, ear aches or sinus congestion make your appointment today.

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