Depression and the Holiday Blues

Depression and the Holiday Blues Many people experience depression, especially over the holidays. Symptoms can include: overwhelming sadness, numbness, unexplained anger, feeling more tired than usual, feeling separated or isolated from others, and feeling like there is no way to feel happy. There are some things we can do...

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SLEEP: a Natural Healing Remedy

SLEEP: a Natural Healing Remedy By Renee Grandieri MS,APRN   A good night’s sleep can have amazing effects on our mood.  If you are energized you will more likely to have a positive attitude.  A good nights sleep can be a great motivator.  Poor sleep patterns can cause weight...

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Healthy Choices 101

Since 80% of what your physique looks like is determined by what we put in our mouths, “diet consciousness” needs to be put into effect. Some people want to lose weight while others may just want to eat healthier. Whatever category you fall into some basic planning for meat...

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