Importance of Counseling


Counseling is an essential part in the recovery process in dealing with addiction. It offers support and aid in addressing and facing daily psychological and social factors that may impact your mental state all in hopes to prevent from relapse. There are multiple types of support groups and counseling options from Non-profits organizations, Individual Counseling, and Group Counseling all of which are effective and sometimes more than one is needed or recommended depending on your own mental situation and preference.

Group Counseling

Addresses Individuals in group setting similar concerns and counseling needs. A group setting allows for individuals to relate to others by sharing their experiences of similar situations and struggles

Non-Profit Organizations

NA (Narcotics Anonymous) & AA (Alcohol Anonymous) are Non-Profit Organizations developed by individuals who help others struggling with addiction usually in the form of group therapy and social interaction.

Individual Counseling

One on one therapy with a therapist or psychiatrist and is typically highly personal allowing for you to focus on specific concerns and issues. You will learn what led you to your addiction and healthy choices to face your struggles in your daily life.


Family & Friends

It is important to have a good support system to provide love and encouragement thru your recovery process. Some treatment programs offer counseling for friends and loved ones to help them learn how to help you and handle problems your addiction may have caused them.

Outpatient vs inpatient treatment

  • In-Patient Treatment

Inpatient Treatment is an intensive program designed for patients to completely focus on overcoming their addiction by living 24/7 within a healthy and secure facility; most programs are typically between 30-120 days. This program is especially helpful for those who want to get away from their current temptations and focus completely on sobriety with no distractions from the outside world. Often In-Patient treatment centers offer supervised detoxification and medication-assisted therapy along with professional counseling with group and/or individual therapy. You will  be surrounded by individuals seeking the same type of treatment for their addiction struggles and 24/7 professional assistance to get you  on the path to living a sober


  • Out-Patient Treatment

Outpatient treatment offers more flexibility allowing you to live at home during your addiction recovery and treatment while still being able fulfill obligations to work family, and home life. Out-patient treatment may be a combination of medication-assisted therapy and counseling whether its group or individualized. With many out-patient treatment it is focused on the counseling and therapy portion to your recovery process and is typically best suited for those who have gone through the detoxification phase or seeking continuation care. Here you will learn the skills necessary to live life sober through therapy and education.

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