Suboxone Treatment

Medication assisted treatment provides the window of opportunity for more effective counseling and true behavioral modification.

It is our belief that with combining medications (e.g. Suboxone, Sublocade, Zubsolv or Bunavail) that ease the suffering associated with withdrawal and effective counseling (group, individual, intensive outpatient), targeting the causes of opiate relapse, we can more successfully achieve lasting sobriety.  Although methadone and methadone assisted treatment facilities still exist, we are now able to provide much better and more effective addiction treatment.  Buprenorphine, the key ingredient in the above mentioned medications, binds to the mu pain receptor.  It is the same receptor that binds to opiates  by preferentially binding to this receptor and partially stimulating it, buprenorphine allows us to avoid the physical manifestations of opiate withdrawal.




Suboxone was the first buprenorphine treatment to market here in the US, but we do provide a number of different treatment options such as Sublocade which is a once a month subcutaneous injection.  We also prescribe Zubsolv, Bunavail as well as generic buprenorphine as alternatives to Suboxone depending on preference and insurance limitations.


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