corona270x404By making use of state of art technology sported by Partide Corona Medical Center, Dr. Jose Partida, does a wonderful job of diagnosing a vein problem and then planning a treatment plan accordingly. The treatment starts with making a correct assessment of the problem, its cause along with its extent. This done by the personal examination by a physician which involves the mapping of  the veins, This procedure is completely painless and is mainly done on the first visit of the person at our clinic.


Spider veins are basically, those blue or red colored veins that can be seen easily on the surface of a person’s skin. Usually, these veins are very small and have a thread like appearance. The blue reticular or net like veins lie just below the surface of the skin. Many complexes involving spider veins owe their genesis to a reticular vein that may be lying just below the skin surface. Although, lasers have for long been used to treat cases of spider veins, most doctors do not suggest this line of treatment, as it hurts too much and does not guarantee a revival of the condition.

On the other hand, at Partide Corona Medical Center, cases of reticular and spider veins are treated using a mild detergent solution, Sotradecol, which is used for collapsing the veins and injections.

Foam Sclerotherapy is an alternative line of treatment, wherein foam is created form the basic solution. In this treatment, there concentration of the solution is reduced and the results are also more durable, especially in the case of the larger spider veins.

Another commonly occurring problem with the veins is that of varicose veins. The most common reason behind the occurrence of varicose veins is that there is an abnormal connection between the veins situated deep in the leg and the veins on the surface. This leads to the spilling out of the blood from the deeper situated veins, on the surface, usually either into the short saphenous vein which starts behind the knees or the long saphenous vein, which starts in the groin region. If the varicose veins are eliminated without eliminating the underlying root of the problem, it causes the varicose veins to recur. The treatment for varicose veins starts with an accurate analysis of the root cause and the extent of the problem with the Color Duplex Ultrasound. People can get this painless test done at the first visit itself.  The treatment comprises of the following two steps-


1)      Elimination of all reflux between the surface and deep veins in order to prevent the recurring of varicose veins.


2)      Elimination of the varicose veins.

drug-943759_640Reflux in the Saphenous Veins– One of the two methods for treating varicose veins that they are also minimally invasive is the laser closure of the saphenous veins. A laser closure in the form of a thread is entangled along with the vein right to the source of the vein, which is more often than not in the groin area. As this fiber is withdrawn, the energy given off by the laser fiber heats the insides of the saphenous veins leading to its collapse and eventual sealing. Though this procedure is done by using local anesthesia, it is often combined with microphlebectomy for more effective results.

This combined procedure enables doctors to eliminate not only the infected veins but the source of the problem as well. A very advanced and effective catheter has recently been introduced by the VNUS company namely, ClosureFast, which facilitate the closure of the saphenous veins. This device makes use of radiofrequency or electrocauetry for this purpose. For treating a case of saphenous veins, depending on the subjective needs of a patient, either ClosureFast or a laser fiber is used. Traditionally, the removal of saphenous veins through a surgical procedure called surgical stripping. This, procedure has been in use for over hundred years. However, with the availability of better technologies in present times that involve enclosure of the saphenous veins, stripping is deemed no longer necessary by medical practitioners.

usa-1336898_640Removal of the varicose veins- The process of microphlebectomy involves the making of multiple small size incisions in the varicose veins situated in the leg. This method is often touted as the most cosmetically gratifying, quickest and undoubtedly the surest way to get rid of varicose veins. The enclosure of the saphenous veins is often accompanied by this procedure. This method is also accompanied by bruising that lasts for about three to four weeks after the veins have been removed, however there is no staining. Alternatively, varicose veins may also be treated with the use of injections once the problem of saphenous veins is treated. However, there is a drawback of this treatment which makes these veins hard for many months. In fact, many times doctors have to remove clots from them by poking. This option also underscores the side effect of permanent staining of the skin.

Facial Veins– There are a number of physicians who offer treatment for the problem of blue facial veins that are visible on the forehead, the temples, the veins running sideways of the lower eyelid. They are often seen to be occurring after any kind of cosmetic surgery on the face. Arguably, injections are the most suitable from of treating blue facial veins. Out of the cases treated with this method, most people have not reported any instances of blindness or stroke. As far as the results go, they are very promising, and the bruising and veins are usually done away with in three to four weeks of time. Another problem normally associated with facial veins is that of red spider veins that are normally seen around the nose. Sometimes, they also extend up to the chin and the cheek. The main reason behind red spider veins may be too much of sub, any allergy or even rosacea. Though many people get these veins treated by laser, however, the experts at Partide Corona Medical Center use VeinGogh thermocoagulation device, which not only does way with the problem but also eliminates the probability of its recurrence. This device is pretty much similar to the VeinWave.

Women are often seen to develop veins in the lower and upper chest area that are visible prominently. These veins are normally a common sight after a breast augmentation surgery or nursing Women can easily avail of the Sclero therapy to get rid of this problem. Further, many people experience blue veins on the hands as well, like the forearm, knuckles and fingers. Though most veins on the hand can be treated and eliminated, including those on the side and upper part of the forearm. However, those veins on the knuckles and the underside of a person’s forearm should be left alone. In case of treatment of hand veins, it is common for a patient to undergo through multiple sessions. In this treatment, the patient’s hand remains bandaged for two days, however, the results have pretty effective and the patients are anything but gratifying.

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