Healthy Choices 101


Since 80% of what your physique looks like is determined by what we put in our mouths, “diet consciousness” needs to be put into effect. Some people want to lose weight while others may just want to eat healthier. Whatever category you fall into some basic planning for meat and snacks help keep you on track. Sunday afternoons I use as my planning day; chop up veggies for easy snacks to have around the house or take to work (baby carrots, celery, almonds and fruit). Make a crock pot of chicken then divide it up for the week, chicken Caesar salad, veggie pasta with chicken or chicken tacos.


For those calories counters, use Walden Foods Dressings (Free of calories, Cholesterol free and Gluten free).

This time of year, fresh caught Atlantic Salmon has been on sale. Broiled Salmon with lemon can be a perfect dinner with roasted veggies.

I have encountered people that are frequent fast foods eaters. It’s important to note that most fast food eaters have healthy choices.

For example:

Jack In the Box- Fajita Pita                           

Wendy’s- Asian Salad

McDonald’s- Grilled Caesar Wraps

Arby’s- large variety of healthy sandwiches.


Skip the fries of course.

In & Out burger. Lettuce Wrapped Burger.

You have to read the labels when you buy food. Remember carbohydrates turn into sugar once in the body metabolized. So if you want to lose weight avoid sugar and high carbohydrates foods.

If we are to look forward to a healthier 2017 we must look at how much exercise we get. Gym memberships rise each January only to plummet by July. However, parking in the end of a parking lot where you have to walk a longer what to the entrance will get you into a habit of walking. Taking the stairs rather than the elevator burns extra calories, wearing 2 lbs. ankle weights to do errands will strengthen your bones.

Last but not least Water. Good old fashion H2O with a slice of lemon or lime is refreshing so make sure 64 fluid ounces daily are taken in every day. Water is a natural cleanser. It hydrates the cells of our bodies and prevents constipation.

For a variance try a sparkling water in the middle of the day. Some trendy spas are making cucumber water as an alternative. Now a word on Vitamins. It’s a good idea to get a daily Vitamins + Minerals supplements, I suggest Centrum Vitamins for Men or Women.

In addition, all women 1500mg of calcium and 2,00 IU of Vit. D is highly recommended for bone health.

Last but not least 6-8 hours of sleep per night will help regenerate the body and add to our brain power.

With just a few tweaks we can make 2017 Our best year ever!


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